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Wellness Injections

Slim Shot


Increased weight loss


Super Slim Shot


Increased weight loss +

Improved metabolism & energy


Vitamin B12


Improved metabolism


Megaboost Vit B12


High dose formula Vit B12 for improved metabolism & energy


Sunshine Shot

(Vitamin D)


Improved bone health & immune health


Immune Boost


Improved immune health to get well & stay well


Brain Boost


Improved cognition,

memory & focus


25mg $40

50mg $60

100mg $80

A powerhouse for anti-aging, improved energy & cognition


Life Boost



Overall cell rejuvenation & anti-aging




Improved hair, skin, & nails


Love Potion

(Bremelanotide - PT-141)

1mg $30

2mg $40

For both men & women;

reinvigorated sexual interest and enhanced stamina.


Pain Relief Injection

30mg $50

(Double Pain Relief)

60mg $60

Pain relief for migraines, joint pain, back pain, or any type of pain


Energy Boost


A huge boost of energy

Catching Up
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